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The Fiesta en Xochimilco is the League’s largest and primary fundraiser since it’s inception in 1968. Florecitas were then introduced to the community at the Ball in 1970. Florecitas are 15-year-old young ladies that are presented in a modified version of the traditional quinceañera. Florecitas uphold the Mexican culture, pride, and heritage and above all are role models to other young ladies. Florecitas are introduced to various activities throughout the year.
Another Fiesta en Xochimilco tradition, is the introduction of the “Botoncitos.” Botoncitos are 14-year-old "rose buds". Eventually these young ladies will bloom into Florecitas for the following year. The Botoncitos sell corsages,serve as the honor guard to the Florecitas and are presented at the Ball as next year's Florecitas.

Throughout the year Florecitas are involved in many activities. These activities include; a spiritual retreat, a brunch or “Tea” honoring the Florecitas and their families, fundraising events, and most importantly community service. Since 1998, community service has been an intricate part of the Florecita program. All of these projects and activities lead up to a Florecita Mass in August and the Fiesta en Xochimilco Ball a week later in September. The Florecita and Botoncito programs are memorable experiences for all young ladies and their families.
If you are interested in any of these programs please feel free to contact us by e-mail or at P.O. Box 26522, Tucson, Arizona 85726.

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